Initiating Vibrant Health Education

Vibrant Health is a social initiative that hopes to engage all strata of society in a proactive approach to individual healthcare – which means learning the basics about hydration, nutrition, posture, emotional management among others, in a practical and everyday sense.  These factors are crucial to maintaining an optimal balance in predictable bodily equations of autoregulation – otherwise known as homeostasis .

Our primary goal is to spread the concepts of preventative medicine, through a fresh, fun and practical methods that can be taught to young children, families and older generations in care homes. Vibrant Health envisages a more wholesome, happy and self-sustainable community!

After fundraising, our first objective is to introduce Vibrant Health Education into PSHE classes in schools from children as young as 11, bringing enjoyable and educational weekly workshops that will be filmed and made available online. We believe it is necessary to firmly ground a healthy, mindful and informed attitude in children as young as possible to help protect against rising threats against wellbeing in the modern world.

Health Project,  child aged 7