A Vibrant Mission

Vibrant Health Education is an initiative that supports a new paradigm shift in healthcare, welfare and education.

We are excited to have reached this stage of the Vibrant Health initiative – where all of the preliminary material has been completed.

We have been so lucky to have received help from philanthropists along the way, willing to contribute to the development of our educational programme. Fundraising for VHE takes place under the Campaign for Consciousness (C4C), where the main aim is to spread more awareness on preventative healthcare and mindfulness in schools – as part of our longstanding ambition towards the democratisation of healthcare.

By teaching young kids the skills to implement a preventative approach to their health, while encouraging mindfulness in the classroom, they can be facilitated towards greater wholesomeness in wellbeing. The are taught that a positive disposition reflects in all areas of their life be it: cognitive, social, behavioural, emotional, spiritual, structural, nutritional etc. By connecting the dots of this awareness, in this multifaceted dynamic of being; children can be taught the most valuable of lessons at their most vulnerable stages of development. Vibrant Health Education would like to offer a new curriculum to schools, in a highly immersive way, using a variety of interactive media to engage young children on a journey to their own health independence.

The programme is designed to provide multiple benefits to standards of living for students, teachers, family members; as well as a progressive effect on the local environment and culture.

General benefits of implementing Vibrant Health Education into schools would include;

  1. Children will benefit on a cognitive, emotional  and social level.
  2. Families and schools will benefit in a way where pupils and kids are more congruent with each other and their understanding of general health needs.
  3. Whole societies would improve as a result of teaching society, via grassroots, these important concepts and health-building tips; which would also benefit on a higher collective level, as well as across to other social institutions.

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