Following years of successful experience, the charity Biomedic Foundation (1052731) has continued its research along the path of holistic-based medicine, in which it seeks to fully integrate conventional medical practice with traditional and alternatively considered methods. This research has contributed to huge leaps in both preventative and regenerative medicine over the past two decades, which has now solidly branched out into a new medical practice known as Bioregulatory Medicine. By teaching methods of preventative health maintenance and bioregulatory balance during earlier stages of a child’s life for example, innumerable benefits in overall wellbeing are sure to follow; as well as entrench longer-lasting positive effects on that individual’s health.

Vibrant Health Education materialised in September 2012 after years of avant-garde ideation; as an extension to the complex medical principles of Bioregulatory Medicine. The concept of Vibrant Health was brought about by Dr Bosh in her endeavour to contribute towards a more health-conscious society.  

“The ambitions of VHE is to bring a true health-awareness and health-consciousness to the forefront of the national agenda.”

– Dr Bosh 


Vibrant Health Education is a social initiative that would like to bring health awareness to the forefront of national educational curricula. In order to contribute to solving the larger health crisis, it is important to engage all members of society to taking a proactive approach in their own health, through a democratised system of applied education and preventative healthcare.

The need for a revolution in health consciousness has reached its peak – where many doctors still remain largely partial to the underlying needs of their patients. While there is a certain need for medical specialists, especially since the burden of mortality can hold strong pressures over the GPs, this should not come at the expense of individual patient health integrity. Often an unfortunate result of excessive medical red tape, is that it becomes all too easy to offload medical responsibility; where patient files are all too easily levied onto another specialist’s hands to “deal with”, instead of attending an individual patient in a wholesome, hollistic way. This especially becomes problematic when no functional synchronicity exists between all these different forms of medical treatment – be they naturopathic or conventional methods.


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Vibrant Health Project aims to establish health consciousness as a paramount norm within all levels of society

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