Vibrant Health Education is a social initiative that hopes to engage in an active advancement of health integrity and independence, this means targeting the heart of education.

Our campaign began its  journey with a desire to turn educative curricula for the better. Our primary goal is to get Vibrant Health Education into school PSHE lessons from children as young as 12 years old.

The curriculum so far, has been rigorously designed, over the past decade, by professionals who are passionate about the democratisation of health.

Introducing an independent approach to healthcare, that is, to teach principles of preventative medicine creates an empowering experience for pupils, families and the society at large.

By facilitating self-regulatory mechanisms, or homeostasis one is able to optimise health and vitality to prevent diseases from developing in the first place.

Vibrant Health Preventative Method covers all key aspects of integrated and applied medicine along with the medical art of bioregulation. Some of these include:

  • The importance of hydration in both quantitative and qualitative terms
  • The Art of Eating and strategies for developing a personalised nutrition protocol
  • Conscious emotional self-management
  • Learning how to learn and strengthening cognitive skills
  • The importance of adopting a graceful posture
  • Regular detoxification measures and learning how to protect oneself from environmental pollution.

Example of a lesson plan for – The Art of Breathing and Health

More information on bioregulation and preventative health strategies can be found on the following pages:

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Vibrant Health Project aims to establish health consciousness as a paramount norm within all levels of society

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