Born from the ‘Campaign for Consciousness’, it is our ambition that health awareness and multi-level potentials are maximised within every individual, no matter their economic status or background.

The Vibrant Health initiative began its journey with a desire to turn educative curricula for the better. We wish to work together with schools, to implement our DIY (Do It Yourself) curriculum, which is  based on looking after the body, mind and spirit. Once this knowledge becomes common knowledge, our long-term perspective is to alleviate the dependence on overstrained medical resources, as well as to equip individuals with basic tools to maximise their own health and prevent many diseases from occurring in the first place.

Unfortunately, what has become common knowledge, is the fact that the current national curriculum is lacking in basic training for children to maximise their academic, physical, emotional, or spiritual potential.

Vibrant Health Education is a solution to what we see as a ‘missing-link’ gap in the UK schooling system. Our initiative plans to work with selected schools, to demonstrate the profound effects that implementing efficacious health tips and Vibrant Health information on a weekly basis, can have on the development of growing children.

We wish to offer modules from our curriculum, which would be implemented during current PSHE lesson programmes. Our lesson plans take a playful and interactive approach; most importantly facilitating a full breadth of vital knowledge for children to become more accustomed to, and thereby improve, various aspects of their health and learning capabilities. The results we expect to see upon implementation of our curriculum, goes beyond improvements of modularly mentioned ‘topics’ as it will facilitate an individualised and independent learning approach for all children, applicable to various aspects of their wellbeing.

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Vibrant Health Project aims to establish health consciousness as a paramount norm within all levels of society

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