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A Vibrant Mission

Vibrant Health Education is an initiative that supports a new paradigm shift in healthcare, welfare and education.

We are excited to have reached this stage of the Vibrant Health initiative – where all of the preliminary material has been completed.

We have been so lucky to have received help from philanthropists along the way, willing to contribute to the development of our educational programme. Fundraising for VHE takes place under the Campaign for Consciousness (C4C), where the main aim is to spread more awareness on preventative healthcare and mindfulness in schools – as part of our longstanding ambition towards the democratisation of healthcare.

By teaching young kids the skills to implement a preventative approach to their health, while encouraging mindfulness in the classroom, they can be facilitated towards greater wholesomeness in wellbeing. The are taught that a positive disposition reflects in all areas of their life be it: cognitive, social, behavioural, emotional, spiritual, structural, nutritional etc. By connecting the dots of this awareness, in this multifaceted dynamic of being; children can be taught the most valuable of lessons at their most vulnerable stages of development. Vibrant Health Education would like to offer a new curriculum to schools, in a highly immersive way, using a variety of interactive media to engage young children on a journey to their own health independence.

The programme is designed to provide multiple benefits to standards of living for students, teachers, family members; as well as a progressive effect on the local environment and culture.

General benefits of implementing Vibrant Health Education into schools would include;

  1. Children will benefit on a cognitive, emotional  and social level.
  2. Families and schools will benefit in a way where pupils and kids are more congruent with each other and their understanding of general health needs.
  3. Whole societies would improve as a result of teaching society, via grassroots, these important concepts and health-building tips; which would also benefit on a higher collective level, as well as across to other social institutions.


The physiological systems in the human body are constantly regulating themselves in order to maintain homeostasis (balance). This is why we sweat to cool down, why our urine changes colour when we are dehydrated, how we maintain optimum blood sugar levels etc.

Our bodies are amazing at maintaining balance. It is only when we are ‘out of balance’ for long periods of time that problems begin to arise.

Lifestyle choices, such as nutritional balance, optimum hydration, detoxification and the development of a healthy psychology can influence the expression of wellness or disease by our biochemically unique metabolisms.

To understand the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, here are some interesting statistics that shows what happens when we don’t keep in rhythm with a balanced lifestyle:

  • Current costs in England for obesity alone range from between £588-686 million per annum. Apart from obesity, other diseases also frequently begin in adolescence (e.g. diabetes), and are developed often in relation to faulty habits or self-mismanagement during early formative years.
  • Over 900,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in the UK between 2008 and 2010. About 30% of cancer deaths are considered to be related to the five leading behavioural and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol use.
  • Cardiovascular diseases kill more people each year than any other disease. The majority of these pathological conditions can be prevented by addressing well-known risk factors such as physical inactivity, tobacco use, unhealthy diet and raised lipids.
  • Statistics show that 75% of adult mental health problems begin before the age of 18. Simple education on how to manage emotions and psychological states positively will dramatically reduce this number.

These facts have urged us to target education on a foundational level to introduce Vibrant Health Education in schools, I am sure you can agree it is a sorely missing link within our national curriculum for a higher achieving and more wholesome society!

Diversification of Vibrant Health Education

VHE in Schools:

Children are in their prime stages of development, so it is essential to focus enriching their knowledge during this time; using methods that relieve stress, increase concentration and energy levels. Only later on in life will these benefits fully be acknowledged, as children learn the importance of hydration, nutrition, elimination of toxicities and emotional harmony. It is important to highlight the correlation and repercussions of exposure to stimuli affecting ones health in a negative way. It is relatively common medical knowledge that excessive sugar quantities impact brain functioning negatively, leading to hyperactivity. But these issues are not discussed in the classroom, and more specifically, neither are their accumulated manifestations, which can ultimately lead to more significant problems later on in life, such as Diabetes. Should this kind of knowledge not be brought up to reinforce the practical implications of commonplace misbehaviours and overexposure to toxic stimuli? Or at the very least as a Food for Thought exercise in the classroom?

VHE in Geriatric Practice:

The wealth of information that is available to harness ones own health and strength can be utilised to revive those weakest in our economy. Implementing a similar educative regime teaching wholesome nutrition, juicing and supplementation along with light exercise that facilitate a proactive use of the body and mind, can reverse the destructive effects of ageing such as dementia and other chronic illnesses. The programme devised for the elderly uses the same principles and concepts as VHE in Schools, targeting more specifically a regenerative process of self-help therapy.

VHE in Care Homes for Special Needs:

Special care units and centres currently follow an ineffective protocol for harnessing the best potential from individuals suffering handicap and mental restraints. VHE proposes to engage in methodologies that improve overall health of those with special needs, improve the quality of companionship and reducing challenging behaviours.

As well as targeting school culture and geriatric practice, a successful social revolution will come about if every stratified area of society is carefully identified and catered for with applied methodologies. Initiating commonplace health-awareness, consciousness and mindfulness regimes into our daily routines is vital to a healthy, happy and well-rounded sustainable society. 

Initiating Vibrant Health Education

Vibrant Health is a social initiative that hopes to engage all strata of society in a proactive approach to individual healthcare – which means learning the basics about hydration, nutrition, posture, emotional management among others, in a practical and everyday sense.  These factors are crucial to maintaining an optimal balance in predictable bodily equations of autoregulation – otherwise known as homeostasis .

Our primary goal is to spread the concepts of preventative medicine, through a fresh, fun and practical methods that can be taught to young children, families and older generations in care homes. Vibrant Health envisages a more wholesome, happy and self-sustainable community!

After fundraising, our first objective is to introduce Vibrant Health Education into PSHE classes in schools from children as young as 11, bringing enjoyable and educational weekly workshops that will be filmed and made available online. We believe it is necessary to firmly ground a healthy, mindful and informed attitude in children as young as possible to help protect against rising threats against wellbeing in the modern world.

Health Project,  child aged 7