VHE Special Needs Care Homes

People with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours need to be treated with dignity and in close proximity to those who can care for them and their loved ones. Vibrant Health Education aims to introduce preventative and regenerative methodologies that facilitate psychophysical development for those in need; facilitating innate potential in all human beings and preventing further complications.

Many professionals need to be educated in the ways of becoming a facilitator rather than just a mundane carer.

The implications of this difference in attitude by those responsible for people with special needs can be profound. Studies have already proven immediate changes in anti-social behaviour as soon as this shift in care occurs. There is an imminent need for health facilitators to implement methodologies that facilitate psychophysical development for those in need, such as people with conditions like autism.

Challenging behaviours are readily improved alongside a quality of companionship – which strengthens overall health of individuals with special needs. Much of the retaliation and challenging behaviours faced by carers of those with special needs are resultant of the lack of quality stimulation and a feeling of not being understood.

It is important to begin by targeting the perceptions people hold concerning those with challenging conditions. Vibrant Health wishes to spread its regenerative methodologies alongside approaches taken by John McGee’s Gentle Teaching and Son-Rise. Such disciplines emphasise the importance of equality, and defining every child’s potential as being limitless; treating every child as if they were a gift, and re-framing the attitudes of people around them in this similar light.

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Vibrant Health Project aims to establish health consciousness as a paramount norm within all levels of society

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